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Say Goodbye Before You Go

October 30, 2016

To Save a Voice

I bet you think you’re smart don’t you? Didn’t I banish you to a corner? Didn’t I open the windows and rise up to feel the sunlight on my face? Didn’t I convince myself that you would never be able to slip out of your cage? Didn’t I invite others to look into the room and see how much I had changed?

And I never stopped to wonder why you were silent. Why your shoulders were never hunched, why your face was never downturned, why you never let your cloak fall to the floor in defeat. I didn’t want to question it. You being locked away was enough for me and that’s all I ever cared about.

That is, until one day I took a deep breath and decided to step outside of the room. You never protested, never called me back. Were you so self-assured that you knew I…

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