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my skeleton and I…we dance

October 29, 2016

Maxada Mandala

death and maiden james christensen

my own skeleton and I…
oh, we dance…
symbiotic to melodic
cadence drifting
incipient…much as rivers
begin with trickle rain,
a steady increase
heartbeat bound
to currents…swelled
in waves of sensuality

I and my skeleton…
rhythm merged, reach to
spine centered oneness
of stimulus response to
orienting love songs tenor
baritone soprano alto bass,
’til I mouth descant words
in soft sporadic harmony,
to bend turn slide tilt spin
within their singing moment

my skeleton and I…
we glide the boundary of
the ballroom kitchen floor
tango tangle in the arms of air
one body sense…life aware to
hold sinews…blood…bones
swaying …dancing in a melody
washed intricate with tears

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by James Christensen

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