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Christianity Is: Fixin’ the Whole

October 29, 2016

Sharing God's Story

“I’m fixing a hole [the whole, my whole] where the rain gets in
And stops my mind [life] from wandering
Where it will go [out of control]”
– Beatles

There’s a meme flying around social media that depicts the worst ways that men, who claimed to be Christ-followers, instead utterly denied him by their actions. It’s an image of torture, probably from the Inquisition times. I won’t say any more about it specifically.

My Dear Friends, this is not what Christianity is.

To be Christian is to desire – above all else in life – to be like Jesus Christ, Son of Man/Son of God. Desire and above all else are excellent words to describe this faith. It speaks of passionately wanting, longing, yearning – not for some thing of this world – but to be whole as a divinely created human being.

Perhaps what is not so obvious is, that in…

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