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Three Things I’ve Learned From Running A Blog For Three Years

October 22, 2016

A Writer's Path


by Pekoeblaze

Woo hoo! This blog [Pekoeblaze] is three years old today! I’m still astonished that something which I started as a random experiment three years ago is still going strong. Usually, most of my projects only last for a fraction of this time but, for some reason, updating this blog has become a regular part of my everyday life. For three years!

So, as I did on this blog’s first anniversary in 2014 (here and here) and on this blog’s second anniversary in 2015 (here), I thought that I’d list a few of the things that I’ve learnt about running a blog over the past year. Yes, I know that this goes against my “don’t blog about blogging” rule – but it’s a special occasion!

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