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Literary Agents Looking for Authors

October 20, 2016

I have not looked at everyone listed on this list from Chuck Sambuchino, but I’m hoping it’s not the same list I posted before. After I finish this I am going to write. I think it’s been two weeks since I last did anything and even then it was only for a few hours, not enough time to accomplish much. My goal is to have it finished by Christmas. At the rate I’m working on it, it will be Christmas of 2017 before it’s done! ~ Connie

2 New Agents Seeking Submissions NOW
Click on any name below to see the full mini-profile on the GLA Blog (with submission instructions). Good luck querying!
1. Anna Worrall of The Gernert Company
She is seeking: smart women’s literary and commercial fiction, psychological thrillers, and narrative nonfiction.

2. Tracy Marchini of BookEnds
She is seeking: picture book, middle grade and young adult manuscripts across most genres, including contemporary, mysteries, thrillers, magical realism, historical fiction, and non-fiction. For picture book fiction, she’s particularly interested in manuscripts that are laugh out loud funny or deliciously dark. For middle grade and young adult, she’s interested in underdogs, strong female characters and/or unreliable narrators. She believes that it’s important for readers of all backgrounds to see themselves reflected in the media they consume, and is looking to bring that diversity to her list.

17 Literary Agents Seeking Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy NOW

Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint which agents are open to submissions at any given time. So with that in mind, I’m creating some new vertical lists of agents seeking queries right now, as of summer 2016. This list is for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy. All the agents listed below personally confirmed to me as of August 2016 that they are actively seeking YA Science Fiction and Fantasy (speculative) submissions NOW. Some gave personal notes about their tastes while some did not. Good luck querying!

Notes: 1) This list is specifically for young adult sci-fi and fantasy. (Another list in this newsletter is for adult fantasy.) Unless an agent says otherwise, they are open to both young adult science fiction and fantasy, not just one or the other.

1.Β  Kaylee Davis (Dee Mura Literary)
Notes: She seeks particularly epic, contemporary, near-future, and diverse. She has a special interest in locked-room mysteries, psychological, multiple POVs, lesser-explored settings, and unusual retellings.
How to Submit: Send queries to query [@] Put your name and the project title in the subject. Include a synopsis and the first 25 pages of your ms in the body of the email.

2. Renee Nyen (KT Literary)
Notes: “I love non-traditional family structures (thinking specifically LGBTQIA+ here), and I’m always fascinated by deeply religious families. I’d like to find a YA fantasy/sci-fi with a transgender main character.”
How to Submit: Please submit a query letter with the first three pages of your manuscript pasted in the email to queries [@] querying Renee, do not query Hannah Fergeson, also on this list.

See all 17 agents listed here.

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  1. What a great list! When I landed my agent, she was brand new to her agency and looking for authors. We’ve been together since 2009 and have negotiated eight book contracts so far! So I say look for the agents who are actively looking!


    • I hope my search for an agent turns out as well as yours. I self-published my first novel and don’t want to do it again. I’m waiting for Cindy to finish the editing on my book before I send out inquiries. It will be the first novel in the Christian series.

    • That is very good advice, I don’t know where to start but will keep this advice in mind, thank you for sharing.

  2. Very nice, I have been thinking about writing a book but have no idea how to start and what would be a good agent. I will go through your list, thank you for sharing.

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