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The great Extra Virgin Olive Oil Scandal

October 13, 2016

Life Unscripted

It’s not hard to understand why an election is all screwed up when you stop to consider the state of business in the world.  It’s not just politician who live in an ethical desert — at times one would think that all businessmen as well haven’t the foggiest idea about ethical behavior.

That unforgetable public hero, Dr. Jeffrey House M.D. (now being seen in re-runs) made the expression popular I believe:  “Everybody lies.”  Maybe it was someone else. Or it sounded something like that — but the point is that finding people who are straight forward and honest seems to get harder and harder.

Case in point the difficulty of finding real, true, Extra Virgin Olive Oil — in an industry which for at least half a decade has been foisting immitations on the buying public.

A comprehensive academic food fraud study spanning 30 years in the Journal of Food…

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