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Smitty ~ Letter IV/ and POW/MIA day

October 13, 2016

Pacific Paratrooper


Just two days out of San Francisco, CA, the dismal conditions aboard Smitty’s troop ship, heading southwest, took a turn for the worse.  The cool weather became stifling hot and humid.  The fresh meat and vegetables ran out and Spam sandwich became the lunch cuisine of record.

The troops learned that dehydrated potatoes, cooked to the consistency of pebbles; powered eggs, unrecognizable except for the color; and hot dogs of no discernible pedigree were to be the standard ‘menu’.  Nobody asked for seconds!

7353137_f31162ce_640 Shut-eye?

Letter IV                                                                                                      Still at sea in a quandary

Dear Mom, 

Well, here I am again as promised.  Yesterday we had a little something different to sea besides the sea.  Notice that I’m getting so that I can only spell  the sea when I mean to write see.  Early in the morning we had the pleasure of seeing another ship and must say it sure made one…

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  1. Thank you very much.

    • These letters give a more personal feel to history which is more interesting to me than just the “cold hard facts.”

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