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Five ways dragons can breathe fire

October 9, 2016

I loved his explanations! I never thought about their fire before reading this so I would have to circle #3 as the reason dragons can breathe fire. ~ Connie

Matthew Wright

One thing we know about dragons is that they tend to have the kind of breath that makes a furnace in a steel-works look cool. Which is fine and dandy – but how does that actually work? I’ve got a few theories.

  1. Public domain.Hotter on the inside. If we assume dragons to be endothermic, they’re going to have a lot of waste heat. What better way to cool down than literally breathing some of it out? A lot of animals cool down that way. Maybe dragons have taken it to the next level. How would that work, physically and biologically? No idea. Asbestos-lined throat, maybe?
  2. Hypergolic reaction. Maybe dragons have glands in their mouths that secrete – oh, I don’t know, nitrogen tetroxide on one side and unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine on the other. Mix the two together and breathe out. Whoom! Don’t hiccup, OK? Of course there’s the tiny problem of…

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