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Utility turkeys

October 5, 2016

It sounds like a utility turkey would be perfect for us. No one in my family cares about how pretty the bird looks; they just care about taste. When my middle son was only 3 years old, he pitched a fit because Grandma T. had ham for Thanksgiving that year. He was born in October–with only 2 Thanksgivings under his belt, I was surprised he’d notice the change! She never changed it again after that. If her grandkids begged enough, she occasionally had turkey for Christmas instead of ham. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Patricia Johns

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s just like American Thanksgiving, but earlier… so we have more time between the Thanksgiving turkey and the Christmas turkey. That’s time to eat up the leftovers and be ready for another one.

norman_rockwell_mural_marion_county_oregon_scenic_images_marda0166So this last weekend I trotted down to our local grocery store and picked up our Thanksgiving turkey. Not being overly picky, I bought a utility turkey instead of a Grade A. Chatting with Facebook friends about this, I discovered that this seems to be a purely Canadian thing–the utility turkey. Basically, it’s just an imperfect bird–it might have torn skin, or be missing a wing. It otherwise tastes the same and is the same food quality, it just got nicked in the factory somewhere–stuck in a shoot, squeezed by a corner…

And they come on sale for $0.95/lb just before Thanksgiving. Another thing to give thanks for–cheap turkey!

I hadn’t…

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  1. Just a blessed turkey and/or ham! Thankfulness brings more blessings.

    • I like your thought that thankfulness brings more blessings. While I know it to be true, I hadn’t given it a thought in quite a while. Thank you.

      • I know how to be grateful for any Turkey part. My thankfulness is filled with contentment, as the Lord fed thousands with limited loaves of bread and fish, with leftovers.

  2. Thanks for the reblog! 🙂 A utility turkey is perfect for our family, too.

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