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Those Blessed Blue Lights

September 22, 2016

Last Friday I went to lunch with a friend after our morning Bible study. We went to a fairly new restaurant in town. I’ve been there a couple times and liked the food and prices. It’s buffet style which is not my favorite way to eat. It has a simple decor and is clean.
After spending a good hour chatting over our meals, we decided it was time to get moving. We both had errands to do.
The restaurant had terrible parking. It is situated on a slight hill at the end of a strip of shops with limited parking. My friend parked in a space across the side road which was actually closer than the walk I had to make farther up from the restaurant. The other disadvantage for me as the driver is it’s off a busy highway.
I stopped at the end of the drive and waited for a car to pass. Another car was farther back and I figured I could pull out. As I headed out it seemed that car in the near lane suddenly was too close for comfort. I didn’t want to slow the guy up even though there is a traffic light a little bit farther down the road which probably would have turned red anyway and stopped us both. Still, I always hate it when someone pulls out too close in front of me.
I had already noted that the farther lane was clear so I pulled into it. The blue lights started flashing immediately. I pulled into the yellow turning lane (the lane that separates the four lanes of traffic) and chuckled at my nervousness. It’s not like I’ve never been stopped before, but it has been a long time.
My hands started shaking and my heart thumped away, like it was trying to get out of my ribcage.
I took my wallet out of my purse and looked for my driver’s license. The protective paper case was empty. Now I could add shortness of breath to my dilemma!
Officer Prince approached my car by this time, stopping just behind the driver’s window like they do in TV shows. That’s disconcerting. Now I know why the police do it besides for their protection. He politely asked for my driver’s license. I waved the empty paper in the air. I’m not sure if it was a purposeful wave, or simply because my hands were shaking so badly. “The case is empty. I know it’s in here somewhere.” I found my insurance card first and held it up without turning to look at him. He took the card and waited patiently for me to find my license.
I’m shuffling through my cards and giggling. “I don’t know why I’m so nervous.” I found the right card and handed it to him, turning so I could see him. He had a great smile which should have calmed me.
I remember several times asking him what I did wrong, but he ignored my question. Another disconcerting ploy! He needed my owner’s card and that sent me into a panic. Do I have it? Where is it? The panic didn’t last but a few seconds when I remembered where it was kept. I reached to open the console and expected to see his pistol suddenly pointed at me, and his ordering me to freeze like in a TV show.
The funniest part was that my giggling had him chuckling too. He finally told me why he pulled me over. I didn’t think going into the far lane was a big deal and most of the time I do pull out into the closer lane. He went to his car to check me out and I waited, trying to calm my body down.
I blame the hysterics on the Myasthenia Gravis medication. It’s supposed to help my nerves work better, but I think with the least little excitement it sends my nerves into overdrive. As an RN I’m used to maintaining a calm professional appearance, not a giggling, shaking hysteria.
Officer Prince returned momentarily with a printed out warning. I thanked him and told him I would use his name for one of book characters. Also, I asked about my pulling back into traffic. I didn’t want the blue lights to go on again. Just in front of me was the start of the left turning lane. Since I was so close to it I was afraid that if I crossed over that lane even by just a few few feet while getting to my lane, Officer Prince would write me up another ticket. He laughed as he reassured me it was okay to go that way.
I checked in my rearview mirror a few times to see if he was following me. I didn’t do any of my errands and headed straight home. My poor body didn’t calm down until I reached my house ten minutes later.

I hope you enjoyed my tale of woe and got a few chuckles. ~ Connie


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