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September 22, 2016

I grew up with poodle skirts, bubble gum music and the Beach Boys. Like you, I miss the optimism of that time and the “Happy Days.” Before running for the presidency, the media had great things to say about Trump. Since he started campaigning, the media only wants to malign him. I’m still voting for Trump. I’ve seen what Hillary can do and she is definitely not fit to be president.

Life Unscripted

The NRRS – (National Recreation Reservation System) — is responsible for the website, and indeed, for the reservations for virtually all federal campgrounds.  It seems that they provide feedback to individual locations from time to time in the form of shared customer feedback. Our park manager decided to share the comments he recieved from them — he indicated that it was the first time the comments have been forwarded to them and he seemed quite surprised.

I wont bother patting ourselves on the back — we work hard here and I’m not surprised if that is noticed but what I was surprised by are what I consider the off the wall comments.

Evidentally, people don’t like campgrounds with trees — or at least some of the don’t. When I read that someone suggested they cut down all the trees I laughed out loud.  This was actually the second time…

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