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Smitty, April/May 1944 & Letter II

September 20, 2016

Pacific Paratrooper

Camp Stoneman, Pittsburgh, CA Camp Stoneman, Pittsburgh, CA

Letter II                                                                                                                                                                                      Thursday 5/4/44

Dear Mom,

     There really isn’t much to write about as I’ve told you most everything on the phone.  By the way, when you receive your bill for the month let me know just how much these calls cost.

I heard from Harley yesterday and it seems that he wants something to do and they just won’t give him anything.  They have now made him landscape sergeant and I can just see him pulling weeds and taking care of flowers.  If he should ever get his load on, he’ll nip out the flowers and let the weeds alone.  I haven’t written to Woods yet, but give me time.  I’ll get around to it before long.

We have to police up the area now, so will leave you for a while.  Be back before long. — Hello again.  We no sooner pick up…

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  1. Thank you very much, these letters have meant a lot to me over the years and especially now that he is no longer around, I have the memories.

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