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what about the creative bee?

September 17, 2016

Life Unscripted

honey-france A hollow log hive in Cévennes, France reveals the details of circular comb architecture in Apis mellifera

What if bees were individualists? What would happen to the symmetry of the hive as we know it if bees were “free” to “do their own thing” as the saying goes?

By now you know that I’m an individualist.  I’m the poster boy for that T-shirt that says: does-not-play-well-with-othersI’ve never been great on committees, assembly lines cause my eyes to glaze over, and large corporations are my idea of premature death.  It’s just me; I respect others who do what I can’t — in fact I admire them.  I’m totally ill equipped to cope.  Had there been no accommodation for conscientious objectors when I was young I probably would have ended up in some military prison as a non-conformist.  So, I really do admire those who can function in that way.

But I wonder…

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