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What a publisher’s official history has to say about meeeeeeee

September 16, 2016

Matthew Wright

While fossicking through the books I have in the back shed the other week I found my copy of Gavin McLean’s Whare Raupo, the official history of New Zealand’s oldest publishers, Reed New Zealand. They are no more, alas – vanishing in 2007 when parent company Elsevier sold their worldwide publishing interests to the Pearson Group.

The 2000 cover. The 2000 cover.

The 2003 cover. The 2003 cover.

I used to write for Reed – a lot. Here’s what Gavin had to say about my contribution:

“Wellington historian Matthew Wright virtually had his own production line. A Near-Run Affair: New Zealanders in the Battle for Crete, 1941 (2000), Desert Duel: New Zealand’s North African War 1940-43(2002), Pacific War (2003), Italian Odyssey (2003) and Western Front (2005), all large-format, heavily illustrated paperbacks, and two larger hardbacks, Blue Water Kiwis (2001), following the earlier Kiwi Air Power (1998)…the company continued to publish general history, titles such…

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