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September 16, 2016

This is a delightful idea. I think it’d be sweet to open it at 90 days when the newnesss of marriage has worn off a smidgeon.

Patricia Johns

I came across this news story about Aunt Allison’s wedding gift to a couple. It was a mystery box that said, “Do not open until your first disagreement.” Now, you’d think that they’d open it up quite quickly, newly married couples being as passionate as they are, but for this couple that box was a sort of safety net. And slightly daunting. They didn’t want to open it unless they really, really needed it. So it remained unopened for nine years.


Ironically enough, they opened it one day when they needed to buy a wedding gift for another couple, and they wanted to see what was inside.

They discovered two wine glasses, a bath set, and two little packages of cash with notes attached. She was to buy pizza or something they both enjoyed and to get the bath ready. He was to buy flowers and wine.

Simple and sweet–a…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! I like your idea of 90 days. 🙂

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