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Foreward Thought

September 15, 2016

Embrace Serendipity

Have you seen the movie Under the Tuscan Sun?  Peg & I have watched it several times. But watching isn’t the same as reading the original, and recently I came across the volume in a used book rack. I put it at the bottom of my pile of unread books and it’s been amazing how much getting to this book propelled me through the others ahead of it. Now that I got started under the tuscan sunI’m amazed (once again) at how much better are the books-from-which-movies-are-made than the movies made from them!

I’m not much further than the prologue and already I’m tickled by the wonderful prose.  This is going to be a wonderful read!  It’s already crystal that the book will vary significantly from the movie — so I’m putting aside all expectations of a movie like plot and sitting down to enjoy book for what it is.

But I digress…

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