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September 9, 2016

This is from David A. Woods Ministry. Remember God is Our Safety In The Midst Of All Trouble.

This date is historical, marking a tragic anniversary. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. World War II was underway. That was 74 years ago.

Today, civilization is being globally threatened by multi faceted Islamic terrorism.
However, this week finds us beginning a wonderful celebration of Christmas. A time when believers can refocus on the birth of our Savior! I invite you to join with me as we turn our attention to a wonderful truth:

“—–neither is there any ROCK like our God.”    I Samuel 2:2

I read of a lady who told how her little son and another small boy were trapped in the woods by a forest fire. She stood weeping with some neighbors at the edge of the burning forest, waiting for the fire to burn itself out. She expected that they would only find the charred remains of the little boys with the ground cooled enough for them to search. But, to her great joy, the boys were found alive and safe.

With tears in her eyes, looking at her son, she asked; “Weren’t you frightened when you saw the woods on fire?”

“No, mama, I wasn’t afraid,”  he replied. “We got on top of Old Chimney Rock. I knew the fire couldn’t reach us there.”

Wow! Let us not forget that: GOD IS OUR ROCK OF SAFETY

An elderly West Virginia preacher related an event that happened to a lady on a fishing expedition in the Gauley river. She waded out in the river and climbed on top of a large rock to fish. A hard rain had fallen the night before up the river from where she was. The water where she was fishing started rising. Before she realized what was happening, she was trapped on the rock!

No one found her! She had to spend the night on the rock with raging waters swirling around her. Only after the waters had receded, was she able to get off the rock and wade back to the riverbank.

In relating the story, she said: “I shook with fear all night, but the ROCK DID NOT SHAKE at all.”

When reading the headlines – when facing life’s hardest trials – let us never forget the truth that God’s Word proclaims:

“—–neither is there any ROCK like our God.”

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