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Current look back at the home front

September 5, 2016

My parents canned some, but it wasn’t always successful. My dad baked bread and rolls. It’s hard to eat the stuff from the store when you’ve had the real thing. We kids learned to cook when we were young. My mother shopped at the Farmer’s Market. We ate fresh spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, and broccoli often.

Pacific Paratrooper


My Years of Eating Dangerously

by: William Jeanes, former editor-in-chief of ‘Car and Driver’

Marie Osmond told me on tv that she lost 50 lbs. eating prepackaged meals sent to her home, and not too long ago, the nation’s first lady ran off the White House pastry chef.  That reminded me of childhood mealtimes and my grandmother’s nutritional malfeasance.

Until well after WWII ended, I lived on 6th Street in Corinth, MS, with my grandparents.  Two aunts also lived with us.  All the men were in the Pacific, leaving my grandfather (Pop), to provide.  My grandmother (Mom), ran the house.

Pop was a superb provider.  He worked as a carpenter for the TVA and had a green B sticker on his car’s windshield, meaning that we had income and gasoline.  He also had a green thumb and grew green vegetables in a huge backyard garden.  Pop also fished, and he…

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  1. Thank you. Besides bringing a chuckle or two, this post has brought a lot of great memories back for my readers – I hope it does the same for yours!!!

    • It did. I had a great time as a kid and wish life were still that way! I just wish I’d pay more attention to how my dad made the rolls. He’d pull off a piece of dough and throw it down onto the cookie sheet. It always landed in the perfect shape of a hamburger bun. I make a loaf of bread every now and then, but I did only one try at making rolls. It was an utter disaster.

      • I can relate. You should have seen my first 4 attempts at making bread!! (on second thought, I’m glad you didn’t – no witnesses!!)

  2. My first few loaves of bread weren’t too bad. I used my Betty Crocker cookbook and it makes only 1 loaf. Seems like a lot of work for a single loaf. So – did you quit after 4 tries or get fantastically better? 🙂

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