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WWII Vet – the Texas Tarzan

August 17, 2016

Pacific Paratrooper

Texas Tarzan swings from a tree like the movies Texas Tarzan swings from a tree like the movies

HOUSTON (Tribune News Service) — In April 1944, Paramount News cameras came to Houston to document the living situation of one George Witters, a young World War II veteran living in a forest like a “Texas Shipyard Tarzan.”

When Witters, 25, wasn’t working the overnight shift at a nearby shipyard as a welder, he lived in a treehouse, hence the Tarzan angle taken by narrator Jerry Macy.

Apparently Witters’ story was of national interest, as news syndicate UPI even caught up with him for a story that same month.

The ex-soldier had had a hard time finding a place to live in the area so he took to the trees just two miles from work. He had been discharged from the service that past September.

“There is really nothing complicated about tree living if you approach it with determination,” Witters said.

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  1. Thank you. Maybe one day we’ll discover if he ever made it to Alaska?

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