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Old Fashioned Custard Pie

August 17, 2016

Life Unscripted

And now a word from our sponsors… No, not really, but I have to take a moment to share a fond memory.  The old fashioned custard pie.  It seems to be going out of existence.  I used to be able to find it at a couple “Olde Tyme Pie Shoppes” I knew about but they seem harder and harder to find.  I suppose part of the problem is that they are best when not kept in the refrigerator — and that poses spoilage issues.  But the problem with custard pie is that as soon as you subject it to cold temperatures water begins to separate out of the custard and the crust becomes soggy.  It doesn’t take long before a perfectly orgasmic pie is reduced to a mess.

In these days of Creme Brulee I think some people think they are getting an acceptable alternative to real custard pie —…

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