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The Vegetarian

August 12, 2016

Embrace Serendipity

Tuesday, our day off, gave us an opportunity to take in a special treat that we found two years ago and to which we haven’t been able to return until now.  The Vegetarian 1In the small town of St Croix Falls is a lovely little Indian / Vegetarian / Vegan restaurant called The Vegetarian.  The chef traveled 16,000 miles to cook for us. (😀 — he really did!)  And this family owned and operated restaurant specializes in made to order, scrumptious Indian vegetarian and vegan meals.

The Vegetarian 2Neither of us is particularly crazy about Indian food but we do enjoy it from time to time and this is the best place we have found to scratch that itch in our 5 years of full-timing.  The Vegetarian 3To us it was worth a 130 mile day trip through some of the most beautiful parts of Wisconsin — just for another tasting of their…

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