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Faith Filled Friday: The Thank You Note

August 12, 2016

Wilma and I talked about watermelons on the phone so when my husband and I went shopping the next day I bought one for her.
It was no big deal as far as I was concerned; nothing more than doing a small favor for a friend. Wilma is 87 and still gets around well. She is a little weak so picking up a watermelon is not easy for her.
Jack went with me to Aldi’s. We picked up a few groceries and two watermelons–one seeded and one seedless. Wilma preferred a seeded one. For as long as I’ve been married to Jack (47 years!), he still manages to share a tidbit of new knowledge.
He picked out the watermelons and explained that he was looking for dry ends; that they were riper. I always tapped mine, but that was not necessarily the most reliable method. According to Jack, a dry brownish stem indicated the melon was ripe; a green stem meant it needed longer. I wished I’d known that a week earlier. I had picked out my own watermelon by a rap and it sounded good. The stem was green but I thought that meant fresh. Sure enough, when it was cut open the melon was pink, barely red. It was cold and wet, but had no flavor.
We delivered her melon and visited with Wilma for a short while. She thanked us for the watermelon several times during our visit. I saw her hand some money to Jack, but he waved it off.
The following Sunday at church Wilma gave me two cards–a belated birthday card and a thank you card. The thank you card surprised me. Her verbal thank you had been enough.
The card was sweet and I made sure that Jack saw it, too. Wilma addressed it to both of us in her salutation–Connie & Mr. Jack. Ever since the first time they met years ago, Jack has been ‘Mr. Jack’ to her. Don’t know why, and I haven’t bothered to ask. Her note was simple: Thank you so much for bringing me a watermelon  I really appreciate it  And Mr. Jack you picked a winner  it was delicious  Thanks Again “In Christ” Wilma
I’ve typed it the way she wrote it–without any punctuation except for the dot in ‘Mr.
Her note got me to thinking about how thankful I am when God does something for me. Granted I can’t mail him a thank you card, but I can tell him in a quick prayer or even occasionally a song.
When I was working as a Home Health Nurse I constantly asked God to keep me safe while driving or in the patient’s home. I don’t think I thanked Him as often as I should have. Those few really scary times I know I thanked him more than once, but I don’t think I should save my thanks for only the worst times.
I rarely say grace before eating, but shouldn’t I be doing that every time I put food in my mouth? The other day when it was raining and my car hit a large puddle, sending me into the other lane, I thanked the Lord for keeping me safe and that there was no accident.
I try to remember to thank the Lord for the sunshine as well as the rain, the hot sun and the cool breeze and for all my family even though they refuse to acknowledge Him. Thanking God for the rough patches is not easy and I don’t think I ever have.
How often do you thank the Lord?

Psalm 100:4

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise;

be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

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