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August 5, 2016

Life Unscripted

Instant recognition!

life begins at 40What is it about the human brain that enables us to see, hear, or smell a thing and instantly recognize disparate details about that object based upon past experience.  Carl Jung’s comment that life begins at 40 because up till then you’re doing research has a lot of truth to it.  We are accumulating memories that are going to provide the context for so much of life later on.

Take for example this watercolor by Robert McGinnis. McGinnis poster art

McGinnis was the artist who did a lot of promotional art for the James Bond franchise — and also for a great many other cultural icons of the last 90 years.  And

I have been thinking about how our brains can look at an image, or an ojbect and instantly recognize certain characteristics about it.  We can place it in time, we can associate it with other know entities — like…

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