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Way Beyond Wind Chimes: Kinetic Sculpture

August 1, 2016

What imagination and creativity! ~ Connie

A fine day for an epiphany

This summer when I visited on Orcas Island, Washington, my sister took us to see a remarkable outdoor art gallery. The artist, Anthony Howe, works primarily in stainless steel, though he also uses copper and other mediums, some of which can be seen in his tiny indoor gallery. Many of Howe’s sculptures – I’m not certain that’s the correct word… “mobiles” perhaps, or “glorious wind chimes” might be better – hang from trees, and I had seen his work around town – my sister actually owns one – and been intrigued. I hadn’t realized, however, that he also has a fantastic outdoor Sculpture Garden with his non-hanging pieces and that people are free (literally, at no cost) to come and visit his fascinating works and experience all that his art has to offer.

I wish I could capture the movement. I love this piece – the spins, the swirls, the…

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