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You’re a mean one, Mr. Camp Host…

July 31, 2016

Embrace Serendipity

There are days when I feel like Mr Grinch. It’s hard to tell people who want to go camping that we’re full.  I’m working on finding newer, less painful ways of saying “We’re full.”  Not that any of them make the disappointment sting any the less.

I guess I find it interesting that in this day and age so many people think they’ll be able to just pull in and find a place at the spur of the moment.  Even people from considerable distance.  In the last 2 weekends we’ve had at least 5 campers from greater than 1000 miles away arrive hoping to find an empty site.

be specific, plan ahead, don’t assume

I know I’ve used this graphic before, but these really are my three rules for life.  And I can’t emphasize how often they have kept me from disappointment and catastrophe.

  • Be specific
  • Plan ahead
  • Don’t assume

It’s been several years now that…

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