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5 Things Christ-followers Should Do (Repost)

July 31, 2016

Ministry Sauce

handA few days ago I was reflecting on what it means to follow Christ. When I was thinking about this, various standard things came to mind. You know…the things pastors preach about all the time. It made sense to me that, to be a Christ- follower, a person would naturally desire to get closer to God through prayer, scripture reading, giving, and fellowship with other believers.

What about in the times when we are out and about? What about the mundane things that people take part in on a regular basis? My mind started to gravitate towards things people do on a regular basis that display their faith. These things are often overlooked. They are not elaborate displays of sainthood, and things that will probably never be acknowledged. I think the following are things that Christ-followers should do, not to show the world they are Christian, but because the living God…

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