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10 Tips Guaranteed to Rescue Your Story

July 31, 2016


When you read your story, is it underwhelming? Are you bored and you’re the author? In the excitement of getting your story on

writing Photo credit: Beeki

paper, developing your characters and moving through the plot, have you missed whatever it is that makes a story worth reading.

I know what the problem is: It’s the basics.

You’ve forgotten the nuts and bolts. Here are ten of them, each designed to address the most fixable parts of your story. Once you’ve edited with these in mind, re-read your story. You’ll find a huge difference. If you don’t, and only if you don’t, read the last paragraph:

  1. The story is too passive. Check for how often you use a derivation of the verb, to be. That would include was, is, were, etc. Limit them to five per page. They take the umph out of your story. Choose a more active verb. Sometimes…

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