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Steadfast Love

July 29, 2016

The Way I See It

“His Steadfast Love Endures Forever” 

Yesterday I released a song that is very special to me, titled “Steadfast Love”, and I would be thrilled and honored if ySteadfast Love Idea with lines2ou decide to go download it.  (It’s only .99¢, so you can afford it!) The song was inspired a while back when my wife noticed that the phrase is used throughout the Bible, and seems to hold special meaning. Intrigued, I did what I do: researched it and wrote about it.

Psalm 136 specifically uses the phrase A LOT! It is a long list of God’s attributes, and gives thanks for the fact that His steadfast love endures forever. But what does it mean for love to be ‘steadfast’?

The Hebrew word that the ESV translates as ‘steadfast love’ is checed, and is also translated as ‘love’, ‘faithful love’, ‘lovingkindness ‘, ‘gracious love’ or even ‘mercy’ in other translations.  The word is…

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