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How To Make An Impression

July 29, 2016

Not the kind of impression I want to make. ~ Connie


What a strange day. Work started at 8:30 am – 70th birthday party for the father of a repeat client, brunch booked by a woman insisting I personally handle festivities. Truth is, lasting impressions are common, I’m good at my job. Meeting hundreds of clients a year, committing each name to memory isn’t a priority. No worries, even if greeting her face to face doesn’t kindle a spark, she won’t suspect otherwise.

Genuine “hello, so nice to see you agains” left my lips. “How long has it been?”. Answering “eleven months, let me find my husband and children, I want you to see the baby”, offered  just enough time for a secret love my job happy dance. Off she went, oblivious to her status on my impression list.

Eleven months ago she booked a “birthday” party – 70 guests, generous selection of stationed cocktail reception food, birthday cake – standard…

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