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July 29, 2016



“If you never change your mind, why have one?”

Edward de Bono, teacher and author

Basic Drawing Class, Ohio University, 1976

After a long and spirited discussion on the necessity of grades versus the freedom of expression with no judgement, our instructor decided we should take a vote. He gave us the opportunity to receive an A the first day of class before we even drew our first picture. Our other option was business as usual, we would be given a letter grade on each project evaluated by him.

Time to vote.

We filled out our ballots, folded them neatly, and passed them forward. As the instructor read each vote, one of the students recorded and announced the score as the game unfolded. There was no clear winner in the beginning or midway through the action. It came down to the final vote. Pausing for dramatic effect before reading the tie breaker, the…

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