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Bent Nails and Balls of String

July 23, 2016

Life Unscripted

Both of my grandfathers had a metal coffee can filled with bent nails.  When my grandparents broke up housekeeping and moved in with us they brought along with them a myriad of old hand tools and several tin cans filled with bent nails and a railroad track anvil.  It was a different time.  People saved bent nails, and balls of string, and aluminum foil.  Times were hard, had been hard, and people were afraid they would be hard again.Railroad Track Anvil

I used that same hunk of ‘discarded’ railroad track for 50 years myself. Sometimes I used it to straighten nails.  Old habits die hard.  Even when there was a hardware store not far away, sometimes it was easier to go to the basement, throw out a bunch of old nails on a counter top, rummage around in the pile until I found one that would do the job, and then straighten it…

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