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Why, as a writer, I am wary of strangers bearing smiles

July 21, 2016

Matthew Wright

I was stopped in the street a little while ago by someone who said he’d recognised me from the TV documentary series I appeared in a few years ago. I presume from the re-run just finished.

Sam Gamgee's house on Bagshot Row - where the very last scenes of The Lord of The Rings were shot. A photo of a house that isn’t where I live…

It turned out he’d bought some of my books and was quite a fan. He liked the idea of having a writer living in the same part of town as he did. I suppose the TV appearance had something to do with it. For me it’s always a bit awkward. I never know quite what to say to people even at book launches. I don’t regard myself as special for writing – although I know a lot of people put writers on pillars. I can’t see why. It’s just stuff I do.

He was friendly enough, and I’m sure genuinely so. But I also…

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