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Days Fading, Memory Fading

July 21, 2016

Good morning. I’m not a poet, but this is more a collection of my random thoughts than a poem. I’ve been up a little over an hour now and managed to have one cup of coffee and write this. Because I had already confused schedules for Tuesday and Thursday I used that in this poem. After finishing my post I’ll do that load of laundry I talked about! Not a bad start for the day. After devotions there’s still dishes, laundry, writing, emails, and a Rock Club meeting this afternoon. Whew! My husband gave me a beautiful card and another book. I have a lot of reading to do! I hope you all have a great day as well. I have cake and ice cream to look forward to. ~ Connie

I opened my eyes
a pale light shone through the window
early morning or late evening?
it was hard to tell

traffic noise on the road was no help
except to know it was not Sunday
which is the only quiet day
could be Tuesday; could be Thursday

house fairly quiet with soft murmur of fans running
no help there either
no bird songs
maybe a rain is coming

heavy footsteps walk up the hall
sure and quick
my husband’s booted feet
I lay a bit longer, enjoying the quiet

enough! cried my bladder
I pulled out the full hamper from the bathroom
then dressed for the day
grabbing the full hamper from my bedroom

the red numbers on the digital clock
told me it was six forty-eight AM
aha! morning
but I still didn’t think of what day it was

no one was about; so quiet and peaceful
my husband and son could both be in the shop
perfect time for a little Bible reading
and talking with the Lord

I dragged the hamper to the kitchen
heading for the laundry room
planning to put in a load
and make a cup of coffee

my husband burst through the back door
just as I reached the kitchen
Oh, shit! he exclaimed
I laughed

Never in forty-eight years
has he greeted me like that
no matter how bad I looked in the morning
with bed hair sticking out all over my head

Even without my glasses
I could see he was carrying a cake
You ruined my surprise, he added
No, it was still a surprise I assured him
as he leaned down to kiss me

I had forgotten today is my birthday.


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