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Tiny cooking

July 20, 2016

Patricia Johns

Everyone has to find something that relaxes them, and I stumbled across something that this author finds oddly soothing… tiny cooking.

tiny cooking

Have you seen the videos yet? This is where someone cooks a real, edible “meal” on a tiny, dollhouse sized stove. It’s enthralling! Tiny cooking utensils, plates, forks, cups… all served on a teeny table. It’s less than a quarter of a bite in total, and logistically, this is a total waste of time, but somehow, it hits me right in the pleasure center. 😉

Here is a video of tiny frying pancakes:

Here is another video of tiny donuts being made:

There are videos from tiny curry to tiny sushi. It’s a whole “thing.” And possibly the most soothing thing you’ve seen in a long time! You’re welcome. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the reblog!

    • You’re most welcome. I’ve never read anything about tiny cooking before! Ages ago I accidentally made a tiny pancake about 1″ in diameter while I was fixing our breakfast. It was a perfect little pancake so I shellacked it and kept it until just a few years back. By chance I came upon it and threw it out. It had remained a perfect little pancake all those years!

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