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Linus Without His Blanket is All Of Us

July 16, 2016

Do I Look Sick?

Few things in this world capture the struggle of life with chronic illness as well as the dynamic of Linus Van Pelt and his blanket. Most days, Linus is just like the rest of the gang – he just happens to need a blanket at all times.


And when he has to be without his blanket, he kind of falls apart. Occasionally he can go without it (“Look! I don’t need my blanket anymore! I’ve gone four whole minutes without it!”) but for the most part Linus without his blanket is a much different boy.

And Linus without his blanket so captures me without medication, or me in a flare, or me without access to a doctor. Sometimes I calmly mope by the dryer like Linus up there, but more often I’m like Linus in the special “A Boy Called Charlie Brown.” See, Charlie Brown is going to represent his…

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  1. 😀 thanks for the reblog! One of my favorites!

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