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Mourning Has Broken: A Book Review

July 14, 2016

Annika Perry


I read this book during a time of loss and sadness. When my spirits were so low neither music nor books could enter my heart. Numerous books remained unread, the words and stories therein unable to penetrate the wall. 

Then I recalled reading about Carol Balawyder and ‘Mourning Has Broken’; her book on loss and grief. On a whim I bought it.

My attention was seized from the very first few sentences and as I devoured it within two days ‘Mourning Has Broken’ left a deep and profound impact on me.

The writing is exceptional and beautiful. Poetic in places, full of wisdom. Her words spoke directly to me, then at times mirrored my experiences of loss exactly. I have never highlighted so much in a book since my student days. Nor have I I talked so much about a book – I am sure my family by now feel…

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  1. Many thanks for the reblog! 😀

  2. Kev permalink

    Excellent review. 😊

  3. You’re welcome. I hoped it might be helpful to those having a hard time dealing with their loss.

  4. Thank you for reblogging this review. I am both very, very grateful for Annika’s wonderful review and for your posting it on your blog. ❤

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