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Beware the Pokemon Go craze

July 14, 2016

It’s a nice idea that you have to walk around to play.

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Have you heard about the new Pokemon Go game app?  My son is consumed by it.  He is not 2 or 3 as he was when he was first obsessed with Pokemon, or even 7 or 8, but almost 19!  He and his friends walk around the neighbourhood “hunting” Pokemon characters and defeating “gym leaders” with their cell phones.

Mix the reality of local landmarks (players use their phone’s GPS to navigate) with the fun and challenge of the game, as well as all the walking and you have Pokemon Go.  It is aimed at the over 10-year-old crowd, but it doesn’t appear to have an age limit.  I guess the exercise is the upside, as you cannot play on the sofa in front of a TV screen.  Another plus; the app is free for android and  Iphones.

Social media has caught the Pokemon Go fever too.  These two jokes regarding…

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  1. If it gets people off the couch, there are definite plusses. As someone said to me, it’s a craze, a fad, which it is. It may die off fast.

  2. I doubt that it will die off fast. Those games are addicting. It also seems like it might belong in a sci-fi story about a neighborhood that plays a walking game together, but gets into mischief–the weird kind. I don’t write sci-fi or I might come up with something.

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