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July 11, 2016

Life Unscripted

Remember what I said about an empty campground?  Well, at present, we’re the only ones holding down the fort!

We had 11 sites full over the weekend and we’ll be about 2/3 full this weekend, but Monday and Tuesday nights we were the sole residents of the campground and in that we were here the campground wasn’t empty — and it was lovely.  Like having our own private 40 or 50 acre forest.   Kewl Beans!

Gradually life is taking shape.  We’re kitted out, got a little organized with the paperwork, and ran into Hudson in order to pick up a couple bits and bobs that we’ll use to feel better about how we do our job.  You know how it goes — everyone makes the job a little bit ‘their own’ — and that’s as true of us as anyone else.

We don’t collect fees here.  (I’m glad) But…

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