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Forensic Lenses: With Cozy Mystery Author Elizabeth S. Craig

July 8, 2016

Delightful interview and I love the added quotes.

The Writing Train: Join the locomotion

“Read a lot. Write a lot. Delete a lot.”

~ Hannah Richell

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode on the Writing Train. Well today is very special because it’s the day we’re kicking off our new series! Check it out.

Contact lenses

What is forensic lenses? First, it’s another reason for me to interview people. Second, it’s an interview with a particular view in mind (No pun intended) hence the name forensic lenses. But whyforensic lenses? The word forensic means: pertaining to, connected with, or used in courts of law or public discussion and debate.  So far I’ve been interviewing so many wonderful writers both published and unpublished. Writers from all backgrounds, levels and walks of life. Now, I’d like to interview  them as…wait for it…..READERS. Yes you read that correctly. Readers.

A lens is defined in part, as a substance that changes the convergence of light rays…

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