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I have a secret passion

July 6, 2016

I love these. They’re too pretty to use when cooking.

Patricia Johns

I just love aprons–I truly do not own enough of them! But they are the sort of thing that I don’t tend to buy for myself terribly often. I should, and in the future I probably will, but so far, I’ve been too practical. (Ironically! LOL!) I tend to own aprons that I can toss in the wash, because I use aprons for their original purpose–to attract the splatter. (I’m a bit of a messy cook.)

Anyway, while toodling around on Etsy, I came across these beauties. They are probably too cute to survive my kitchen for long, but I do love them… and thought I’d share a few of my favorites. (If you want to see where to buy them, just click the photo.)

il_570xN.205482806 1950’s housewife–this one might be the perfect blend between cute and functional.

il_570xN.360663681_3bhy “Mrs. Johns” would go nicely on this one. 😉

il_570xN.639858128_skrz I own two aprons…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! 😀

    • I hadn’t given much thought to aprons, but after reading your article I think I’ll have to have a character that likes aprons.

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