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Five Things I Learned By Studying Men (That The Women In My Life Admired)

July 3, 2016

I loved this! Now, I have to stop and think about the men in my life. I like Castle, Don and Charlie Eppes along with their dad (Numbers), and the doc on Saving Hope that sees ghosts whose name I can’t remember. That’s all of can think of off the top of my head. Why? They have all of the same qualities as in the article. ~ Connie

The Lonely Author

When I was a kid my mother told me to study people.  You can learn so much by watching the habits of a winner.  Learn from the mistakes of losers so you don’t make them yourself.

I took this a step further.  I have always paid attention to the men the women in my life admired.


5 – My mother admired Joe Namath. She wasn’t a football fan, but she admired the way Namath guaranteed the New York Jets would win the Super Bowl III and how he backed it up. She always told me a real man kept his word. Men need to be trusted and keeping your word is the best way to earn trust.


4 – My BFF loves a man who can make her laugh. I believe no man should take himself TOO seriously. The ability to make light of oneself is important. Easing the tension in stressful…

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