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Say Hello to Lori and her Wonderful, “Trouble by Any Other Name” (What a title)

June 29, 2016

I self-published my first book and they printed it in a 9 font. They did a great job on the cover and people picked up the book because of it. They set it down even faster when they saw the print size. First novels rarely do well, but this one didn’t stand a chance. I refused to pay to correct their mistake and they lost all of my future business. ~ Connie

lori macLaughlinI’m excited to be hosting Lori MacLaughlin and her newest book, Trouble by Any Other Name (May 2016)–the sequel to Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble. This is the second in a planned series and by all accounts, a great addition to the story. Here’s a summary:

Tara Triannon is no stranger to trouble. She’s yet to find an enemy her skill with a sword couldn’t dispatch. But how can she fight one that attacks through her dreams? With her nightmares worsening, Tara seeks answers but finds only more questions. Then her sister, Laraina, reveals a stunning secret that forces Tara to go to the one place Tara’s sworn never to return to. Her troubles multiply when Jovan Trevillion, the secretive soldier of fortune who stole her heart, is mentally tortured by an ancient Being intent on bending him to its will. And worst of all, the Butcher — the terrifying wolf-like…

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