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Irish POTATO Bread

June 27, 2016

Life Unscripted


I love bread!  I could live without many things, but living without bread hardly seems worthwhile.   I’ve been in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, but somehow I never had this.  And I have to try it real soon now….

My Irish Friends My Irish Friends

For what it was worth, I was over there for about two weeks on a speaking trip and the whole time I stayed with residents.  They made me a lot of Irish specialties but no one at any time ever made me Irish Soda Bread.  Sigh.   Alas, most of them are gone now.  Life moves on.

A few weeks ago I was commenting on the fact that being of Polish heritage our family made a lot of Pierogi — but that the pierogi we made always contained a sizable amount of mashed potatoes in addition to the flour — and that I had…

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