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On the Resurrection

June 25, 2016

This is late for Easter, but it explains things so well I had to share it. ~ Connie

More Enigma Than Dogma

As time goes on, Easter can fade into a faint memory of it’s revolutionary inception, or be reduced to banal bunnies with eggs. But Easter is the crux of Christianity; without it, Christian faith is just another religion that haggles for attention in the market place of religious competitions. Our culture is weary of squabbles between religious zealots, and chances are, you wonder what I’m talking about. You may wonder why I make so much about a historical event that will not be believed without faith.

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One of the more notable persons able to speak eloquently to the Easter proclamation, is Timothy Keller preaching what is known as “Jesus Vindicated” (seen here). Below is his article written in Relevant Magazine on the Resurrection. May you enjoy a renewed imagination of Easter.

In the decades before and after Jesus’ life and death, there were dozens of messianic movements…

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  1. Thanks for re-blogging this into your sphere of influence. Let me add: the credit goes to Timothy Keller, who’s insight and articulation provide the bulk of this post. But more: the credit goes to the One who lived and died and rose again. Shalom.

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