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Faith Filled Friday: How Do You See God?

June 24, 2016

The following is excerpted from the book we are using for our Friday morning Bible Study time–Discover Your Destiny by Charles Stanley. I’ve been a born-again Christian most of my life, but it wasn’t until we discussed this part that I stopped to think about how I see God. I considered Him all knowing, all powerful, and super wise. There were days He was far off in heaven and others when he was next to me holding my hand. ~ Connie

Much of what you believe God desires for you to do is based upon what you have come to believe about God through the years. What is your understanding of God today?

Do you see God as a loving father or a demanding judge?

Do you see God as an intimate friend or a distant acquaintance?

Do you see God as a patient and gentle teacher or an intolerant and angry guide?

Do you see God as a faithful companion or someone who comes and goes from your life?

Do you see Him as a generous provider or a stingy God who reluctantly metes out His

Do you see God as understanding you thoroughly and yet loving you completely, or do you see Him as removed and conditional in His acceptance of you?

The ways you regard God will determine to a great extent what you believe God desires to do in your life.

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