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June 23, 2016

So tiny and cute! ~ Connie


While weeding a large garden last week, my son and I came across a burrow of bunnies.  Fortunately, I was on my hands and knees, pulling weeds out from around the base of a lilac tree when I saw something move in the dirt, otherwise I might have accidentally hurt the four or five tiny bunnies tucked into a hole (burrow) at the base of the tree.  They were only a few inches long, with no hair.  The only way I could tell they were rabbits was by their long feet and the shape of their ears…


As soon as I (accidentally) touched their hiding spot, they started to scramble around…

Within a few moments though, the clumps of fur were back on top of the burrow, hiding them from sight.  I put some weeds back in place around them to protect them from predators, as well as hot sun…

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