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Time is a Pillar of Smoke

June 21, 2016

Life Unscripted

Try to grab a handful of smoke… Just try it. There’s nothing there.  Except, if you’re lucky a little residual aroma which isn’t really the smoke at all. It’s something quite other.

I’ve always had a very tenuous relationship with time.  In so many ways time has seemed irrelevant to me.  Much of my life I was self-employed so I wasn’t literally punching clocks.  I could charge or not charge the hours I actually spent on a project at my discretion; and for a good portion of my life I wasn’t even thinking about charging for services.  I gave away years of time that others would have spent building a career to causes that meant something to both of us.  Time — as many people see it — as little meaning to me.

That said,  I’ve been thinking lately about the inevitable passage of time.  And the way in which…

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