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Where I’m From

June 17, 2016

To Save a Voice

Where I’m From

I am from stuffed animals

I am from a soft night light and a ragged blanket

I am from the rusty swing set that fell apart

I am from the Sunday morning cartoons and half eaten boxes of cereal

I am from laughing till my sides hurt

Pulling each breath through as if it were a race

As if I could win

I am from a voice that needed to be repeated often

I am from having lopsided hearing

I am from sharp shouts laced with soft love

I am from quiet tears and joyful smiles

I am from the culturally removed

And the culturally innovated

From ‘you’re the oldest,’ and ‘it’s okay,’

I’m from Sundays spent in a classroom

Silk scarf slipping over my eyes

I am from broken promises and forged dreams

I am from the promise of one thing

And the reality of another

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