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John Sebastian – Magic and The Muses

June 16, 2016

The Immortal Jukebox

When you’re hot you’re hot.

Sportsmen talk about being, ‘In the Zone’. A space and time where the reflexes are sharp and the mind is calm and concentrated.

A space and time where everything seems to happen in blissful slow motion as they focus absolutely on the task at hand.

All the endless hours spent training and acquiring expertise are now rewarded in winning performances where no thought is given to technique because it has been completely absorbed into their being.

They see what they have to do and do it oblivious of any distraction using the minimum effort necessary.

And, when you’re in the Zone you can accomplish extraordinary things. You can set records and ascend to the status of a legend.

Think of Joe DiMaggio’s scarcely believable 56 game hitting streak for the New York Yankees which began on May 15 and ran through to July 17 of…

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