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Standing Guard

June 14, 2016

It Was On My Mind

Every morning I see him, alone in the mist and standing apart from the rest in the pasture at the end of our road. Watchful; almost aloof; like a sentry in his place when all is well. Always sniffing the air and listening for any sense of danger. Although his lines are tall and straight he is the most unlikely hero. He is a “guard donkey” and you will see him with cows or sheep throughout our mountains.

When I first noticed a donkey in a pasture with cows it seemed completely out of place until I learned why he was there. Even though the donkey isn’t really a friend to the cows and their calves, he is handy to have around because of his exceOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAptional hearing (those ears!), keen sense of smell and aggressive disposition towards dogs, coyotes and foxes. When an intruder is detected the donkey will…

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  1. A most remarkable animal.

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